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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

CN Revolution Program


Columbus North Revolution Mission Statement


Columbus North Revolution basketball is the development program for the Columbus North Men’s Basketball program and is a direct reflection of how the CN teams will play.   My staff will be highly engaged in the program and in the development of each player.  Our goal is to teach young athletes respect for themselves, their peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on integrity, hard work, value of team and a passion to become all that one can be.

We will provide high quality coaching with emphasis on skill development for each player.  We will teach character that creates men of substance.  We will find the best competition for the appropriate skill level of players and teams.  And lastly, we will have fun and celebrate success as part of the CN Men’s Basketball program.

We invite all boys in Bartholomew County who wish to work on their basketball skills and be part of the Columbus North Revolution program as described in our mission statement, regardless of their high school choice.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

Coach Ferguson




2017-18 Revolution


2nd Grade:

  • Ethan Troborgh
  • ​Drew Huffman
  • Riston Wormer
  • Kameron Combest
  • Jake Whaley
  • David Slyva
  • Parker Gribbons
  • Reid Perry
  • Mac Johnson
  • Sam Ferguson
  • Aiden Bense
  • Austin Kushman
  • Jake Roeder
  • Will Helwig
  • Isaac Genth

3rd Grade:

  • Drew Hoeflinger
  • Cole Dawson
  • Tever Ernst
  • Zander Weatherford
  • Reagan Wormer
  • Grayson Newman
  • Brennan Hester
  • Luke Kerkhof
  • ​Dane Gregory
  • Alex Zeng

4th Grade:


  • Caleb Ferguson
  • Mason Acton
  • Kamden Shelly
  • Sam Perry
  • Brock Kitner
  • Drew Schiefer
  • ​Kole Shewmaker
  • Austin Perry


  • Jesse Clark
  • Leo Iorio
  • Zach Fedor
  • Anderson Horn
  • Jonathan Sylva
  • Dillon Long
  • Landon Smith


  • Jerry Likens
  • Elijah Clark
  • Joel Murphy
  • August Comer
  • Trenton Boezeman
  • Tony Cowan

5th Grade:

  • Boston Ely
  • Zach Foster
  • Jackson Newman
  • Luke Russell
  • Jasckon Watkins
  • Jared Brooks
  • Sam Mormino
  • Ian Schow
  • Garrett Long
  • Tyler Ernst
  • Foster Long
  • Max Coomes
  • Mason Reeves
  • Konner Gribbons
  • Bryce Harriman
  • Corbin Beverly
  • Luke Spurgeon

6th Grade

  • Rylan Wormer
  • Connor Hensley
  • Nathan Corley
  • Blake Cowan
  • Zach Weichman
  • Jackson Fischrogt
  • Phillip McKinley
  • Justin Sylva
  • ​Peyton Castetter
  • Drew Strielemeier
  • ​David Zhang
  • Guy Oneal
  • Josh Conrad
  • Ben Ferguson
  • Aiden Barkes
  • ​Elum Vanest
  • Davis Gregory
  • Vignesh Piemuumar

7th Grade:

  • Brady Probst
  • ​Max Mormino
  • ​Cooper Horn
  • Luke Harmon
  • Ben Sylva
  • ​Zane Moravec
  • ​Ty Ferguson
  • Will Boyer
  • Tanner Fischer
  • Julius Dailey
  • Nick Stoner
  • Emmit Romine
  • Chase Zaphe
  • ​Zac Horn
  • Tyler Blythe
  • Aaron Cook




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