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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

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7 months ago

CN's Greiner named a winner of 2018 Jack Cramer Award

            Columbus North volleyball coach Caitlin Watts Greiner has been named a winner of the 2018 Jack Cramer Ideals of Athletic Competition Award.

            Presented by the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department, Greiner is joined by Columbus East girls soccer coach Ilya Schwartzman as a recipient of the 2018 awards established in 1978 in memory of Cramer, a former Columbus athlete who died that year.
            Criteria for the award include dedication, preparation, determination, fair play, sportsmanship and on-field achievements.

            “It’s a great honor,” Greiner told The Republic after learning of the recognition. “It’s a great award. It means a lot to even be nominated. I don’t coach, and I don’t work with kids just to be honored. When people start to see the hard work I put in, it’s nice to know.”

            Greiner, entering her seventh season as the Columbus North volleyball coach, is a graduate of Columbus East, where she earned all-state honors in volleyball as a senior in 2003. She was a multisport athlete for the Olympians and went on to play volleyball for two years each at Miami University and Indiana University.

            She began coaching while in Bloomington for the Hoosierland Volleyball Club. She later served as an assistant coach at Columbus East for one season, then was hired as the Columbus North varsity coach in November 2011. In six seasons guiding the Bull Dogs, the varsity has compiled an 84-112 overall record and has gone 13-21 in Conference Indiana matches.

            Greiner also formed the Columbus North Volleyball Club shortly after she was named the CNHS varsity coach. More recently, she helped the Columbus North and Columbus East clubs merge into the Columbus Volleyball Academy.

            Schwartzman, a native of Russia, played soccer at Munster High School and Wabash College, then earned a degree in medicine from Indiana University. He moved to Columbus in 1991 and started coaching in the Columbus Parks & Rec program before working with Columbus Express teams. He then was a Columbus East girls soccer assistant for three seasons and became the Olympians’ head coach in 2005. In 13 years, Schwartzman has guided East girls soccer to 12 Hoosier Hills Conference crowns, three sectional titles and two regional trophies.

            A list of all winners of the Cramer Award is below, along with the inscription on the plaque.


Presented by the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department
Winners, 1978-present
1978: Dudley Moore
1979: Tim Nussbaum
1980: Bob Smith
1981: Bill Stearman
1982: Doug Otto, John McLachlan
1983: John Hinds
1984: Blair Kiel, LeAnn Hahn
1985: Chuck Wilt
1986: Max Andress
1987: John Stafford
1988: Jerry Newsom, John Whitlow
1989: Chuck Grimes
1990: Dave Cleland, Sandy Etnyre
1991: Dennis Sylvester, Emily Keller
1992: Larry Baack, Nancy Kirshman
1993: William Clay, Phil Wasmuth, Hedy George
1994: Mel Good, Jackie Burton
1995: Rick Weinheimer, Selma Durham
1996: Joe Sheehy, Janet Rumsey
1997: Sam Simmermaker, Katie Baxter
1998: Tom Kendrick, Cheri Weinheimer
1999: Bill & Betty Everitt, Larry Perkinson, Julie Houston
2000: Jim Henderson, Max Moore, Janice Matchette
2001: Gerald “Butch” Jordan, Lenore Preston
2002: Dick Parker, Faith Wilder-Newland
2003: Charles “Chick” Newell, Debbie Marr
2004: Marty Mennen, Jim Sheridan, Leah Retrum
2005: Richard Macy, Eric Wohlford, Suzie Fox
2006: Gary Walker, Shayla Holtkamp, Sue Husmann
2007: Dick Wigh, Nora Coleman
2008: Frank Anderson, Amy Macy
2009: David Green, Randy Stafford, Debbie Riga, Marilyn Jerman
2010: Jody Littrell, Jody Tompkins
2011: Ben Weaver, Courtney Larson

2012: Tyler Duncan, John Kessler, Phillipa Shedd, Leslie Weaver

2013: Roger Reed, Maria Stack

2014: Bob Gaddis, Taylor Gohn, Jennifer Shaver

2015: Ali Patberg, Bill Stewart

2016: Kendal Hammel, Allison (Lee) White

2017: Glen Brown, Cortney VanLiew, Kylie Weichman

2018: Caitlin (Watts) Greiner, Ilya Schwartzman


     Inscription on the plaque awarded to the winners of the Jack Cramer Ideals of Athletic Competition Award:

     "This plaque is given to encourage the practice of sportsmanship and the highest ideals of athletic competition and to honor the example of John Henry Cramer who, on those many occasions where this memorial is now dedicated,

     " * Committed himself to the purpose of winning while on this field of athletic endeavor.

     " * Pursued the conduct of the game with a tenacious determination for the full term of the assigned encounter.

     " * Exerted himself to the limit of his speed and endurance through personal desire and the natural exhilaration of the competition.

     " * Prepared himself through practice and conditioning to the full measure of his potential.

     " * Observed the rules of the game without regard to which competitor an individual rule might favor at any one moment of the contest.

     " * Inspired the play of his teammates by his manner and intent which encouraged those of lesser ability and which bound the team together with a faith in one another.

     " * Conducted himself in such a manner which, in victory, served to enhance his own accomplishment, which, in defeat, did not diminish the accomplishment of his opponent; and which allowed the spirit of sportsmanship to grace the efforts of all those engaging in the contest."
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