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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!



8 months ago by Pat McKee

36 Columbus North athletes, one coach honored by Conference Indiana

    Twenty-three athletes from Columbus North High School earned first-team all-Conference Indiana honors in the eight fall sports of 2017.

    In addition, 13 other CNHS athletes were chosen as honorable mention all-conference.

    The school also had one man recognized as a Conference Indiana Coach of the Year – Scott Seavers in girls golf.

    Athletes in football, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys tennis and volleyball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Monday, Nov. 6.

    Athletes in boys cross country, girls cross country and girls golf have known of their selections since the conference meet earlier in the fall because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

    Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.

    A list of Columbus North’s 2017 fall sport all-conference honorees follows.

    Boys cross country – Charlie Allen.

    Football – Logan Abbott, Jaylen Flemmons, J.D. Harris, Trenton Kelley, Brigham Kleinhenz. Honorable mention: Tristan Bailey, Noah Earl, Damon Hunter Jr., Nick Tungett, Tay Wells.

    Boys soccer – Finn Anderson, Jannis Anderson, Zach Friend, Alex McGill. Honorable mention: Andrew Goble, Jack Robertson.

    Boys tennis – Isaac Jackson, Kevin Lin. Honorable mention: Ben Mathew, Joey Zhao.

    Girls cross country – Olivia Morlok, Arig Tong.

    Girls golf – Molly Donnell, Danbi Kim, Julia Luken, Alexandria Munnicha, Nathaly Munnicha.

    Girls soccer – Tanner Johnson, Liz Tynan, Elise Whitley. Honorable mention: Caroline Hollenkamp, Corrine Orben.

    Volleyball – Agustina Fainguersch. Honorable mention: Lauryn James, Maddy Sebahar.

    The full release from Conference Indiana follows.

* * *

2017 fall all-Conference Indiana honors announced
Athletes, coaches from eight schools recognized in eight sports
            Athletes and coaches from the eight Conference Indiana high schools have been recognized with 2017 fall all-conference honors.
            Athletes in football, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys tennis and volleyball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Monday (Nov. 6). Athletes in boys cross country, girls cross country and girls golf have known of their selections since the conference meet earlier in the fall because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.
            Coach of the Year awards were determined by a vote of conference coaches in all sports.
            Those voted as CI Coach of the Year were Grant Lewis of Franklin Central in football, Eugene Kim of Bloomington South in volleyball, Kevin Sparks of Bloomington South in boys soccer, Ian Rickerby of Bloomington South in girls soccer, Ken Hydinger of Bloomington North in boys tennis, Scott Seavers of Columbus North in girls golf, Larry Williams of Bloomington South in boys cross country and Justin Helmer of Bloomington North in girls cross country.
            A complete list of honorees for 2017 fall sports follows.


All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School                                          Time

1, Ian Shaw, Jr., Bloomington South                        15:59.0

2, Drew Warren, Sr., Bloomington South                 16:20.6

3, James Turman, Sr., Terre Haute South                16:21.6

4, Isaiah Hollars, Jr., Bloomington North                  16:25.3

5, Michael Crook, Sr., Southport                             16;26.5

6, Chris Switzer, Sr., Perry Meridian                        16:26.5

7, Wil Zinkan, Jr., Bloomington South                      16:31.8

8, Drew Shellenberger, So., Southport                      16:38.7

9, Jacob Wisniewski, Sr., Bloomington South           16:41.7

10, Codie Pullon, Sr., Bloomington South                   16:42.8

11, Jack Gillard, So., Bloomington South                   16:47.2

12, Charlie Allen, Sr., Columbus North                     16:49.7

    Coach of the Year: Larry Williams, Bloomington South


    All-Conference Indiana


    WR: Nathan Barrett, 5-10, 170, Sr., Terre Haute North

    WR: Chris Bomba, 6-1, 175, Sr., Bloomington South

    WR: Jaylen Flemmons, 6-3, 200, Sr., Columbus North

    WR: Maliki Parks, 5-9, 170, Jr., Franklin Central

    TE: Carter Herrin, 6-7, 228, Sr., Terre Haute South

    TE: Ryan Lezon, 6-3, 185, So., Southport

    OL: Logan Abbott, 6-2, 250, Sr., Columbus North

    OL: Josh Campbell, 6-3, 280, Sr., Southport

    OL: Payton Ditchley, 6-3, 280, Sr., Franklin Central

    OL: Kieran Koontz, 6-2, 290, Sr., Bloomington North

    OL: Nate Taylor, 6-0, 250, So., Bloomington South

    QB: Dylan Bishop, 5-11, 195, Jr., Franklin Central

    QB: Trenton Kelley, 6-5, 200, Jr., Columbus North

    QB: Eddie Schott, 6-5, 215, Jr., Southport

    RB: Shawn Hapenny, 6-0, 190, Sr., Terre Haute North

    RB: Michael Pitz, 5-10, 185, Sr., Franklin Central


    DL: Trent Bowsher, 6-1, 245, Sr., Perry Meridian

    DL: Peyton Keesee, 5-8, 295, Sr., Franklin Central

    DL: Sam Lewis, 6-0, 220, Jr., Bloomington South

    DL: Sam Rust, 6-1, 245, Sr., Southport

    LB: Tre Breaziel, 5-8, 200, Sr., Perry Meridian

    LB: Mario Coles, 5-8, 205, Jr., Franklin Central

    LB: Angelo Cooper, 6-0, 215, Sr., Terre Haute North

    LB: Brigham Kleinhenz, 6-0, 190, Sr., Columbus North

    LB: Noorhadi Shahrani, 5-8, 180, Sr., Bloomington North

    DB: Gabe Collins-Green, 5-11, 170, Sr., Southport

    DB: J.D. Harris, 5-11, 170, Sr., Columbus North

    DB: Quantrell Porter, 6-0, 165, Sr., Bloomington South

    DB: Noah Warren, 5-11, 180, Sr., Perry Meridian

    DB: Eli Weeks, 5-11, 175, Sr., Franklin Central

Special Teams

     K: Quinn Ferguson, 5-10, 160, Sr., Franklin Central

     P: Ben Freel, 5-10, 170, Jr., Bloomington North

     Ret: Kane Barrett, 5-10, 175, Sr., Terre Haute North

Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Nathan Jenkins (Ret), Jordan McCoy (WR), Cole Prather (DB), KobeSterner (DL), Xavier Trueblood (RB)

    Bloomington South: Sean Azcui (WR), Phillip King (DB), Chase Shields (LB), Maveric Thiery (RB), Gavin Yeskie (QB)

    Columbus North: Tristan Bailey (WR), Noah Earl (LB), Damon Hunter Jr. (DB), Nick Tungett (DL), Tay Wells (LB)

    Franklin Central: Austin Benner (WR), Jay-Len Brown (Ret), Jac Cecil (DB), Steven Edwards (DL), Payton Lamping (OL), Nate Talhelm (LB)

    Perry Meridian: Dekahri Jones (LB), Alex Parra (OL), Nick Vaux (K)

    Southport: Jalen Caldwell (RB), Rashawn Haskins (WR), Gage Higgs (LB), Hunter Cocherell (K)

    Terre Haute North: Zach Mount (OL), Jack Sherman (OL)

    Terre Haute South: K.C. Bender (WR), Griffin Comer (OL), Jase Dressler (RB), Elijah Rivera (WR), Orian Roshel (K), Collins Turner (QB)

    Coach of the Year: Grant Lewis, Franklin Central


    All-Conference Indiana

    Finn Anderson, Sr., Columbus North

    Jannis Anderson, Sr., Columbus North

    Hunter Cocherell, Sr., Southport

    Alex Fox, So., Bloomington South

    Zach Friend, Jr., Columbus North

    Caleb Gonser, Jr., Terre Haute South

    Austin Himebaugh, Fr., Bloomington North

    Steven Hlun, Jr., Perry Meridian

    Brandon Hunt, Sr., Bloomington North

    Gabriel Lika, Jr., Bloomington South

    Alex McGill, Jr., Columbus North

    Paul Mimms, Sr., Terre Haute South

    Drew Mueller, Sr., Franklin Central

    Ethan Olnick, Jr., Franklin Central

    Patrick Rowe, Sr., Terre Haute North

    Nick Vaux, Sr., Perry Meridian

    Ben Yeagley, Sr., Bloomington South

    Grant Yeagley, So., Bloomington South

Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Max Menczer, Jack Murer, Matthias Ortiz

    Bloomington South: Giovanni Alicea, Elijah Truss

    Columbus North: Andrew Goble, Jack Robertson

    Franklin Central: Quinn Ferguson, Bamlak Reidenbach

    Perry Meridian: Van Ro Cung, Van Tha Sang

    Southport: Mang Biak Lian, David Lian, Ro Thang

    Terre Haute North: Evan Curry, Keaton Krischak

    Terre Haute South: Connor McConkey

    Coach of the Year: Kevin Sparks, Bloomington South


   All-Conference Indiana

    Paul Dzubay, Sr., Bloomington North

    Aaron Gentry, Jr., Terre Haute South

    Christian Gettelfinger, Jr., Bloomington North

    Isaac Jackson, Sr., Columbus North

    Kevin Lin, Jr., Columbus North

    Jason Mundell, Sr., Terre Haute North

    Mac Rogers, Sr., Bloomington North

    Canaan Sellers, Fr., Terre Haute South

    Konner Shapiro, Sr., Bloomington South

    Sajin Smith, So., Perry Meridian

    Brayden Stultz, Sr., Terre Haute North

    Matt Wilson, Sr., Terre Haute North

Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Sam Orbaugh

    Columbus North: Ben Mathew, Joey Zhao

    Franklin Central: Jacob Baron, Aiden Carlisle, Nathan French

    Perry Meridian: Michael Kendall, David Mang

    Southport: Noah Hall, Thawng Uk Ceu, Colsten Streit

    Terre Haute South: Caleb Morris

    Coach of the Year: Ken Hydinger, Bloomington North


All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School                                             Time

1, Grace Williams, Sr., Bloomington North                19:02.0

2, Jada Reedus, Jr., Franklin Central                      19:27.8

3, Aviv Hagar, Fr., Bloomington South                     19:30.4

4, Bri Lawson, Fr., Franklin Central                         19:39.3

5, Arig Tong, Sr., Columbus North                          19:47.3

6, Toudora Galuska, Sr., Bloomington South             19:50.6

7, Mya Hagerty, So., Bloomington North                  20:02.2

8, Shayla Traas, Jr., Franklin Central                      20:03.2

9, Madison McMullen, Sr., Bloomington South           20:09.8

10, Lily Barton, So., Terre Haute South                   20:10.2

11, Olivia Morlok, So., Columbus North                     20:13.7

12, Lexie Green, So., Southport                              20:17.1

    Coach of the Year: Justin Helmer, Bloomington North


    All-Conference Indiana

Ps. Name, School                                 Score

1. Jenna Fegan, Terre Haute South               73

2. Danbi Kim, Columbus North                       74

2. Julia Luken, Columbus North                     74

4. Alexandria Munnicha, Columbus North        77

5. Mallory Snyder, Terre Haute South              80

6. Nathaly Munnicha, Columbus North            81

6. Molly Donnell, Columbus North                   81

8. Annie Eisenbarth, Perry Meridian              83

8. Alex Quinlan, Perry Meridian                     83

10. Madeiline Stanik Bloomington South         86


    Honorable Mention

11. Hallie Baker, Terre Haute South                 88

11. K.D. Drummond, Bloomington North           88

13. Claire Thrift, Terre Haute North                   89

14. Caroline Conrad, Bloomington South          90

15. Lauren Conner, Bloomington South            91

    Coach of the Year: Scott Seavers, Columbus North


   All-Conference Indiana

    Emily Byrd, Sr., Bloomington South

    Katie Carver, Jr., Bloomington North

    Shelby Cleek, Sr., Franklin Central

    Zoe Howes, Sr., Terre Haute North

    Liz Humphrey, Jr., Terre Haute North

    Tanner Johnson, Jr., Columbus North

    Emma Main, Fr., Southport

    Emma Mullen, Sr., Bloomington South

    Mara Russell, Sr., Terre Haute South

    Grace Saccone, Jr., Bloomington North

    Rylie Simmons, Sr., Franklin Central

    Keely Thompson, Sr., Terre Haute North

    Sasha Thompson, So., Terre Haute North

    Liz Tynan, Sr., Columbus North

    Aleida Veldman, Sr., Bloomington North

    Clara Voskuil, So., Bloomington South

    Gaelle Wells, So., Bloomington South

    Elise Whitley, Jr., Columbus North

Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Elizabeth Sowders

    Bloomington South: Emi McClaine, Caitlin Nash

    Columbus North: Caroline Hollenkamp, Corrine Orben

    Franklin Central: Courtney Cockrum, Regina Hunt, Savannah Kellum

    Perry Meridian: Lindsey Ciampa, Annabelle Hock, Paloma Lopez-Rodriguez

    Southport: Abbi Bell, Mackenzie Patton

    Terre Haute North: Megan Benefiel, Lauren Schuld

    Terre Haute South: Ruby Pigg

    Coach of the Year: Ian Rickerby, Bloomington South



    All-Conference Indiana

    Lucy Anderson, Jr., Bloomington South

    Caitie Baird, Jr., Perry Meridian

    Grace Bland, Sr., Bloomington South

    Sydney Conger, Sr., Bloomington South

    Lilly Costello, Sr., Bloomington North

    Agustina Fainguersch, Jr., Columbus North

    Jaelyn Fennell, Jr., Terre Haute North

    Makendri Fisher, Sr., Bloomington North

    Chloe Mason, Jr., Terre Haute North

    Elle Moore, Sr., Franklin Central

    Jenna Riley, Jr., Franklin Central

    Tiana Wright, Sr., Southport

Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Casidee Abram, Shea Barrow

    Bloomington South: Bailey DeMier

    Columbus North: Lauryn James, Maddy Sebahar

    Franklin Central: Emily Jarrell

    Southport: Maggie Davis

    Terre Haute North: Ashley Curry, Emma Todd

    Terre Haute South: Leah Franklin, Emma Willocks

    Coach of the Year: Eugene Kim, Bloomington South

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