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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!



1 year ago by Pat McKee

19 Columbus North athletes, one coach receive all-Conference Indiana accolades in winter sports

            Eighteen athletes from Columbus North High School earned first-team all-Conference Indiana honors in the six winter sports of 2019-2020.

            In addition, one other CNHS athlete received honorable mention all-conference accolades.

            The school also one coach recognized as a Conference Indiana Coach of the Year – Sandy Freshour in gymnastics.

            Athletes in boys basketball and girls basketball were selected in a vote of conference coaches on Tuesday (March 10). Athletes in gymnastics, boys swimming, girls swimming and wrestling have known of their selections since their respective conference meet earlier in the winter because accolades in those sports are based on performance in those events.

            Coach of the Year awards are presented to the coach of the team that won the league championship in each sport.

            A list of Columbus North’s 2019-2020 winter sports all-conference honorees follows.

            >> Boys Basketball – Blake Barker, Nicholas Schiavello. Honorable mention: Reese Harmon.

            >> Girls Basketball – Kylah Lawson, Alexa McKinley, Sierra Norman.

            >> Gymnastics – Alayne Davis, Madi Edwards, Sami Heathcote, Emily Moore.

            >> Boys Swimming – Tristen Cook, David Fry, Kyan Jiles, Christopher Lee, Daniel Utterback.

            >> Girls Swimming – Betsy King, Olivia Morlok, Erica Samuel.

            >> Wrestling – Keandre Watson.


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                The complete list of all-Conference Indiana honorees is below.


All-Conference Indiana

First Team

    Blake Barker, Columbus North

    Joey Bomba, Bloomington South

    A.J. Dancler, Southport

    Cordell Hanes, Terre Haute South

    Connor Hickman, Bloomington South

    Noah Jager, Bloomington South

    Brevin Jefferson, Southport

    Nick Klaiber, Bloomington North

    Anthony Leal, Bloomington South

    Nicholas Schiavello, Columbus North

    Aaron Steinfeldt, Bloomington North

    Isaac Vencel, Bloomington North


Honorable Mention

     Bloomington North: Jeremiah Blair

     Columbus North: Reese Harmon

     Southport: Anthony Ball

     Terre Haute North: Matt Gauer, Dalton Sturm

     Terre Haute South: Brylan Apholone, Amariyae Wilson


     Coach of the Year: J.R. Holmes, Bloomington South



All-Conference Indiana

First Team

     Shaelynn Bell, Terre Haute North

     Lauren Conner, Bloomington South

     Kyra Duncan, Southport

     Anneke Furr, Bloomington South

     Lexie Green, Southport

     Zayda Hatfield, Terre Haute South

     Kylah Lawson, Columbus North

     Alexa McKinley, Columbus North

     Sierra Norman, Columbus North

     Kristen Ridner, Bloomington South

     Zoe Stewart, Terre Haute North

     Ainsley Urbanski, Bloomington North


Honorable Mention

     Bloomington North: Erin Lillis, Casey Thomas

     Bloomington South: Anya Friend

     Southport: Kayden Casey, Miranda Deane

     Terre Haute South: Michaela Cox, Paityn Shipley


     Coach of the Year: Larry Winters, Bloomington South



All-Conference Indiana

    Emily Moore, Columbus North

    Sami Heathcote, Columbus North

    Alayne Davis, Columbus North

    Sarah Goldsworthy, Bloomington North

    Madi Edwards, Columbus North

    Cassidy Kleinbauer, Bloomington South


    Coach of the Year: Sandy Freshour, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana

    200-Yard Medley Relay: Columbus North (Christopher Lee, David Fry, Daniel Utterback, Tristen Cook) 1:41.45

    200-Yard Freestyle: Jack Koceja (Bloomington North) 1:49.29

    200-Yard IM: Daniel Hiller (Southport) 2:05.82

    50-Yard Freestyle: Christopher Lee (Columbus North) 21.62

    Diving: Kyan Jiles (Columbus North) 394.85

    100-Yard Butterfly: George West (Terre Haute North) 54.82

    100-Yard Freestyle: Jakob Mumper (Bloomington North) 47.77

    500-Yard Freestyle: Drew Shellenberger (Southport) 4:57.23

    200-Yard Freestyle Relay: Columbus North (Daniel Utterback, Tristen Cook, David Fry, Christopher Lee) 129.75

    100-Yard Backstroke: Christopher Lee (Columbus North) 53.21

    100-Yard Breaststroke: Drew Shellenberger (Southport) 1:01.88

    400-Yard Freestyle Relay: Bloomington North (Antonio Hamilton, Jack Koceja, Sam Coffelt, Jakob Mumper) 3:17.95


    Coach of the Year: Max Irwin, Bloomington North



All-Conference Indiana

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