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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!



1 year ago by Pat McKee

44 Columbus North athletes, 5 Bull Dog coaches collect Conference Indiana accolades

                Thirty-two athletes from Columbus North High School earned first-team all-Conference Indiana accolades in the eight fall sports of 2019. In addition, 12 other CNHS athletes were selected honorable mention all-conference.

                The school also had five men recognized as a Conference Indiana Coach of the Year – Danny Fisher in boys cross country, Kendal Hammel in boys tennis, Rick Sluder in girls cross country, Scott Seavers in girls golf and David Young in girls soccer.

                Athletes in football, boys soccer, girls soccer, boys tennis and volleyball were selected following a vote of conference coaches on Monday (Nov. 4). Athletes in boys cross country, girls cross country and girls golf have know of their honors since the conference meet in their sport because those accolades are based on performance in those events.

                Coach of the Year awards went to the coach of the conference champion in each sport.

                A list of Columbus North’s 2019 fall sports all-conference honorees follows.

                >> Boys cross country: Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff, Matt Newell, Austin Pulkowski.

                >> Football: Mitchel Collier (TE), Hunter Huser (DB), Montez Mitchell (DL), J.J. Montgomery (OL), Landon Robbins (LB). Honorable mention: Jackson Davis (OL), Nick Holt (LB), Blake Huffman (RB), Daveed Jolley (DB), Carter Ward (P), Rashan Wells (DL).

                >> Boys soccer: Colvin Iorio, Graham Keele, Sam Larken. Honorable mention: Caleb Boyce, Anthony Johnson, Nathan White.

                >> Boys tennis: Bhavey Jain, Nathan Lin, Matthew Liu, Joey Zhao.

                >> Girls cross country: Lily Baker, Mackenzie Barnett, Jessica Meza, Olivia Morlok, Brianna Newell, Arek Tong.

                >> Girls golf: Annie Anderson, Nathaly Munnicha,  Yestika Nischol, Ella Wilks. Honorable mention: Gwen Anderson.

                >> Girls soccer: Lauren Barker, Nitya Chenanda, Caroline Hollenkamp, Jenna Lang, Lauryn Whitley. Honorable mention: Kate Kolhouse.

                >> Volleyball: Sarah Bennett, Gabby Genth. Honorable mention: Reagan Kane.


                PHOTO: 2019 Conference Indiana Coach of the Year honorees from Columbus North, from left: David Young (girls soccer), Danny Fisher (boys cross country), Scott Seavers (girls golf), Kendal Hammel (boys tennis) and Rick Sluder (girls cross country).



                The full list of honorees from Conference Indiana follows.





All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School                               Time

1, Paul Rushton, Sr., Bloomington North                   16:11.6

2, Matt Newell, So., Columbus North                      16:13.8

3, Jack Gillard, Sr., Bloomington South                   16:16.2

4, Cael Light, Jr., Terre Haute South                     16:29.1

5, Andrew Shellenberger, Sr., Southport                16:33.0

6, Reese Kilbarger-Stumpff, So., Columbus North   16:38.9

7, Neal Alderson, Jr., Bloomington South                16:41.3

8, Dylan Zeck, Fr., Terre Haute North                     16:43.0

9, Matt Gambill, So., Terre Haute South                 16:44.8

10, Neil Egyhazi, Sr., Bloomington South                 16:46.1

11, Austin Pulkowski, Jr., Columbus North               16:48.8

12, Nolan White, So., Terre Haute North               16:51.6


    Coach of the Year: Danny Fisher, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana


WR: Brevin Jefferson, 6-2, 185, Sr., Southport

WR: James Mallory, 6-1, 170, Jr., Terre Haute South

WR: Matt Munoz, 6-5, 215, Sr., Southport

WR: Bailen Murphy, 6-3, 171, Jr., Bloomington North

TE: James Bomba, 6-6, 235, Sr., Bloomington South

TE: Mitchel Collier, 6-2, 220, Sr., Columbus North

TE: Aaron Steinfeldt, 6-5, 233, Jr., Bloomington North

OL: Griffin Comer, 6-3, 290, Sr., Terre Haute South

OL: Kyle Merritt, 6-0, 245, Jr., Terre Haute North

OL: J.J. Montgomery, 6-2, 245, Jr., Columbus North

OL: Race Stewart, 6-1, 289, Jr., Bloomington North

OL: Jason Swarens, 6-4, 275, Sr., Terre Haute South

OL: Nate Taylor, 6-0, 255, Sr., Bloomington South

QB: Ryan Lezon, 6-2, 210, Sr., Southport

QB: Reece Lozano, 5-11, 176, So., Bloomington North

RB: Maveric Thiery, 5-5, 155, Sr., Bloomington South



DL: A.J. Helton, 6-0, 215, Jr., Southport

DL: Montez Mitchell, 6-0, 215, Sr., Columbus North

DL: Noah Ponce, 6-1, 254, Sr., Bloomington North

DL: Cody Root, 6-5, 250, Sr., Bloomington South

LB: Charlie Bless, 6-0, 205, Sr., Bloomington North

LB: Ethan Hensley, 6-0, 185, Sr., Bloomington South

LB: Conner Lutz, 5-9, 170, Jr., Terre Haute North

LB: Caleb McCoy, 6-0, 200, Sr., Bloomington North

LB: Landon Robbins, 6-0, 220, Sr., Columbus North

DB: Maddix Blackwell, 5-10, 165, Jr., Bloomington South

DB: Brayon Hogan, 5-11, 190, Sr., Southport

DB: Hunter Huser, 5-10, 165, Sr., Columbus North

DB: Jordan Tweedy, 5-8, 160, Sr., Southport

DB: Sam Werczynski, 5-9, 166, Sr., Bloomington North


Special Teams

K-P: Carter Robinson, 5-9, 150, Sr., Bloomington South

Ret: Sean Azcui, 5-10, 170, Sr., Bloomington South

Ret: Jace Russell, 5-10, 160, Jr., Terre Haute North


Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Matt Freel (DB), Cade Laughman (WR), Kyle Trilling (K-P), Xavier Trueblood (RB), Colin Weger (DB)

    Bloomington South: Zach Bellini (DB), Elijah Griffin (LB), Joe Stephens (LB)

    Columbus North: Jackson Davis (OL), Nick Holt (LB), Blake Huffman (RB), Daveed Jolley (DB), Carter Ward (P), Rashan Wells (DL)

    Southport: Turk Faitele (DL), Carson Moore (WR), Josh Moore (LB), Ben Morlan (LB)

    Terre Haute North: K.C. Bowling (OL), Matt Gauer (P), Avery Herron (DL), Eli Moody (WR)

    Terre Haute South: Allen Haire (RB), Ashton Hayne (K), Wyatt Maxwell (LB), Jacob Rutledge (DB)


    Coach of the Year: Scott Bless, Bloomington North



All-Conference Indiana

Josh Adams, Sr., Bloomington South

Colin Doyle, Sr., Bloomington South

Kaleb Funk, Sr., Terre Haute North

Isaac Hale, Jr., Terre Haute South

Austin Himebaugh, Jr., Bloomington North

Ian Holtz-Hazeltine, Jr., Bloomington North

Colvin Iorio, Jr., Columbus North

Graham Keele, Sr., Columbus North

Sam Larken, Jr., Columbus North

Jose Perez-Paz, Sr., Bloomington North

Patrick Oberc, Jr., Southport

Bennett Piper, Jr., Bloomington South

William Talens, Jr., Terre Haute South

Albert Thang, So., Southport

Dawt Thang, Sr., Southport

Ethan Toomey, Sr., Terre Haute South

Mason Unger, Sr., Terre Haute North

Logan Wilson, Sr., Bloomington South


Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Anthony Gonzalez

    Bloomington South: Josh Davis, Miles York

    Columbus North: Caleb Boyce, Anthony Johnson, Nathan White

    Southport: Bawi Zung Lian, Van Duh Lian, Christian Thang

    Terre Haute North: Cameron Beadle, Jackson Guptill

    Terre Haute South: Jalen Clark, Matthew Ford


    Coach of the Year: David Stroup, Southport



All-Conference Indiana

Michael Asplund, Fr., Bloomington South

Marcel Borhi, Jr., Bloomington South

Seth Gage, Sr., Terre Haute South

Bhavey Jain, Sr., Columbus North

Chris Lian, Fr., Bloomington South

Nathan Lin, So., Columbus North

Matthew Liu, So., Columbus North

Cade Moore, Jr., Terre Haute North

Matthew Roberts, Jr., Terre Haute South

Canaan Sellers, Jr., Terre Haute South

Nick Shirley, Fr., Bloomington North

Jacob Thacker, Sr., Terre Haute South

Joey Zhao, Sr., Columbus North


Honorable mention

    Bloomington South: Arpan Bose, Max Graf

    Southport: Micha Fishel, Johnny Lian, Brenden Tyner

    Terre Haute North: Peter Christ, Ethan Knott


    Coach of the Year: Kendal Hammel, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana

Name, Year, School                               Time

1, Bea Cakmak, So., Bloomington North                    19:30.0

2, Brianna Newell, Fr., Columbus North                   19:36.6

3, Abbey Armstrong, Sr., Bloomington North          19:40.8

4, Olivia Morlok, Sr., Columbus North                     19:51.2

5, Micah Peals, So., Terre Haute South                   19:52.1

6, Mackenzie Barnett, Jr., Columbus North             19:56.1

7, Emma Callahan, Fr., Bloomington South                19:56.6

8, Lily Baker, Fr., Columbus North                           20:04.9

9, Lily Myers, Fr., Bloomington South                      20:08.2

10, Melissa Mahaffey, So., Bloomington North         20:10.7

11, Arek Tong, Jr., Columbus North                          20:14.5

12, Jessica Meza, Fr., Columbus North                     20:17.1


    Coach of the Year: Rick Sluder, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana

Ps. Name, School                          Score

1, Nathaly Munnicha, Columbus North            67

2, Annie Anderson, Columbus North              75

3, Ella Wilks, Columbus North                       78

4, Sophie Boyll, Terre Haute South               81

5, Yestika Nischol, Columbus North              82

6, Tatum Hill, Terre Haute South                 83

6, Marissa Munoz, Southport                        83

8, Sailor Myers, Terre Haute South              84

9, Kate Lewis, Bloomington South                  86

10, Annika Chan, Southport                           87


Honorable Mention

11, Grace Kidwell, Terre Haute South            88

12, Gwen Anderson, Columbus North              89

13, Sophie Chan, Southport                           90

14, Nikki Bonilla, Terre Haute North            91

15, Naomi Chan, Southport                            94


    Coach of the Year: Scott Seavers, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana

Lauren Barker, Fr., Columbus North

Nitya Chenanda, So., Columbus North

Lanee Dillon, Sr., Terre Haute South

Erica Goldsworthy, Sr., Bloomington North

Kendall Henderson, Sr., Southport

Caroline Hollenkamp, Sr., Columbus North

Cecelia Kincaid, Sr., Bloomington North

Kira Kunzman, Sr., Bloomington South

Jenna Lang, So., Columbus North

Emma Main, Jr., Southport

Melea Miller, So., Bloomington South

Kristen Morgan, Jr., Bloomington South

Natalie Morris, Jr., Terre Haute South

Ellie Price, Jr., Terre Haute North

Sasha Thompson, Sr., Terre Haute North

Clara Voskuil, Sr., Bloomington South

Lauryn Whitley, Jr., Columbus North

Bella Winkler, Fr., Bloomington North


Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Sophia Lipe, Lucy Martin

    Bloomington South: Nora Doyle, Kristen Ridner

    Columbus North: Kate Kolhouse

    Southport: Taleah Nool

    Terre Haute North: Lauren Keith, Avery Pommier, Elisa Simoni

    Terre Haute South: Brooke Ireland, Abbi Ward


    Coach of the Year: David Young, Columbus North



All-Conference Indiana

Sarah Bennett, So., Columbus North

Olivia Blackketer, Sr., Bloomington South

Michaela Cox, Sr., Terre Haute South

Kenadee Coyle, Jr., Bloomington South

Lauren Cullison, Sr., Southport

Keely Davis, Jr., Terre Haute North

Bailey DeMier, Jr., Bloomington South

Erika Funkhouser, Sr., Terre Haute North

Gabby Genth, Sr., Columbus North

Courtney Jones, So., Terre Haute South

Kyla Kante, So., Bloomington North

Taylor Storm, Sr., Bloomington North


Honorable mention

    Bloomington North: Natalie Burns, Ava Franklin

    Bloomington South: Molly Mungle

    Columbus North: Reagan Kane

    Southport: Rachel Campbell, Vanessa Miller, Nicole Vadaurre

    Terre Haute North: Braxton Shelton

    Terre Haute South: Emma Hopper


    Coach of the Year: Eugene Kim, Bloomington South


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