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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won and home of 18 ihsaa mental attitude award winners!



2 years ago by Pat McKee

Columbus North places fourth in Conference Indiana wrestling; Gutierrez posts runner-up finish at 285 pounds

                BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Senior Bradley Gutierrez finished as runner-up at 285 pounds on Friday evening (Jan. 18), leading the Columbus North wrestling team to a fourth-place finish in the Conference Indiana meet.

                Freshman Joshua Nelson, senior Morgan Smith, junior Keandre Watson, senior Dallin Anderson and junior Adam Behling each posted a third-place finish in their weight class as the Bull Dogs totaled 140.5 points as a team.

                Bloomington South, with 10 individual champions in 14 divisions, was the team champion with 297 points. Terre Haute South placed second with 202 points followed by Southport with 183.5, Columbus North, Terre Haute North with 136 and host Bloomington North with 92.

                Nelson placed third at 106 pounds, Smith at 113 pounds, Watson at 145 pounds, Anderson at 152 pounds and Behling at 220 pounds.

                CN junior Nick Holt finished fourth at 170 pounds and sophomore Keegan Hill placed fourth at 182 pounds.

                Bull Dogs freshman Dylan Chavez placed fifth at 120 pounds, sophomore Ashton Clark was fifth at 126 pounds and freshman Bryce Abner placed fifth at 138 pounds.

                CN sophomore Kamryn Denney was sixth at 132 pounds and freshman Jared Slocum finished sixth at 160 pounds.

                The Bull Dogs did not have an entry at 195 pounds.

                Columbus North returns to action next Saturday (Jan. 26) in the Jennings County Sectional.



Conference Indiana Wrestling

                Team scores: Bloomington South 297, Terre Haute South 202, Southport 183.5, Columbus North 140.5, Terre Haute North 136, Bloomington North 92.


Individual Results

                106: Joshua Nelson (CN) first-round bye; Harrison May (THS) pinned Joshua Nelson, 3:15; Joshua Nelson (CN) wins by forfeit over Bloomington North; Joshua Nelson pinned Nathan Smith (Spt), 3:56, third place. Championship: Cade Bengston (BS) pinned Harrison May (THS), 2:51.

                113: Morgan Smith (CN) pinned Mason Cranford (THS), 1:10; Nicholas Castelluccio (BS) dec. Morgan Smith (CN) 3-2; Morgan Smith wins by forfeit over Bloomington North; Morgan Smith (CN) maj. dec. Liam Fox (THN), 17-5, third place. Championship: Nicholas Castelluccio (BS) tech fall Bryce Pardue (Spt) 16-1.

                120: Aiden Reynolds (BS) pinned Dylan Chavez (CN), 1:42; Dylan Chavez (CN) second-round bye; Zak Pemberton (THS) pinned Dylan Chavez (CN), 1:51; Dylan Chavez (CN) wins by forfeit over Southport, fifth place. Championship: Aiden Reynolds (BS) dec. Ty Crews (THN) 7-0.

                126: Cade Meier (BS) pinned Ashton Clark (CN), 0:55; Ashton Clark (CN) second-round bye; Brandon Greene (THN) pinned Ashton Clark (CN), 2:37; Ashton Clark (CN) wins by forfeit over Terre Haute South, fifth place. Championship: Cade Meier (BS) maj. dec. Khua Thang (Spt) 11-2.

                132: Thang Chin (Spt) pinned Kamryn Denney (CN), 0:29; Kamryn Denney (CN) second-round bye; Gage Cohen-Cook (THN) pinned Kamryn Denney (CN), 1:51; Andrew Mendoza (BN) dec. Kamryn Denney (CN), 6-0, fifth place. Championship: Gabriel Recknor (THS) pinned Will Hayes (BS), 3:46.

                138: Tyler Dixon (BS) pinned Bryce Abner (CN), 1:30; Bryce Abner (CN) second-round bye; Moses Hamm (THS) pinned Bryce Abner (CN), 2:25; Bryce Abner (CN) dec. Nicolas Sconce (THN) 5-2, fifth place. Championship: Justice Cash (BN) dec. Luke Goodwin (Spt) 8-2.

                145: Keandre Watson (CN) maj. dec. Andrew Brown (THN) 12-0; Ben Inman (BS) dec. Keandre Watson (CN) 4-1; Keandre Watson (CN) maj. dec. Clinton Speitel (THS) 14-2; Keandre Watson (CN) tech fall Justin Tracy (Spt) 17-2, third place. Championship: Ben Inman (BS) pinned Luke Arthur (BN), 1:08.

                152: Dallin Anderson (CN) pinned Chase Hostetler (BN), 1:25; Elliston Ross (BS) pinned Dallin Anderson (CN), 0:44; Dallin Anderson (CN) pinned Codie Nunn (Spt), 1:42; Dallin Anderson (CN) dec. Chase Hostetler (BN) 12-5, third place. Championship: Elliston Ross (BS) maj. dec. Nate Lommock (THS) 10-2.

                160: Moe Massa (THN) maj. dec. Jared Slocum (CN) 12-1; Jared Slocum (CN) second-round bye; Nick Casad (THS) pinned Jared Slocum (CN), 2:51; Jud Garvin (BN) maj. dec. Jared Slocum (CN) 10-0, fifth place. Championship: Tristan Ruhlman (BS) pinned Josh Moore (Spt), 5:05.

                170: Nick Holt (CN) first-round bye; Derek Blubaugh (BS) pinned Nick Holt (CN), 1:48; Nick Holt (CN) pinned Landon Boland (THN), 2:16; Jaeden Battista (Spt) dec. Nick Holt (CN) 8-6, third place. Championship: Derek Blubaugh (BS) tech fall Brendan McPike (THS) 21-6.

                182: Keegan Hill (CN) wins by forfeit over Terre Haute North; Wade Presson (BS) pinned Keegan Hill (CN), 1:46; Keegan Hill (CN) wins by forfeit over Bloomington North; Dylan Case (THS) pinned Keegan Hill (CN), 1:27, third place. Championship: Wade Presson (BS) dec. Payton Frye (Spt) 2-1.

                195: No entry for Columbus North. Championship: Nolan Wampler (BS) pinned Reuben Thang (Spt), 0:28.

                220: Adam Behling (BN) first-round bye; Kyven Carter (Spt) pinned Adam Behling (CN), 3:06; Adam Behling (CN) maj. dec. Isaiah White (BN) 9-1; Adam Behling (CN) pinned Sean Bridges (BS), 2:28, third place. Championship: Josh Howell (THS) pinned Kyven Carter (Spt), 1:09.

                285: Bradley Gutierrez (CN) first-round bye; Bradley Gutierrez (CN) dec. Conner Lucas (BS) 5-2; Allen Haire (THS) dec. Bradley Gutierrez (CN) 2-1, championship.


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