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Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!


Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!

Columbus North Athletics

Home of the Bull Dogs - where 37 state championships have been won!



9 months ago by Pat McKee

Stewart steps down as Columbus North girls soccer coach

                Derek Stewart has resigned as girls soccer coach at Columbus North.

                Stewart stepped down after seven seasons in charge of the Bull Dogs, his teams compiling a 77-39-13 record that included four sectional titles, two regional crowns and a final four finish in Class 3A in 2017. The Bull Dogs also claimed two Conference Indiana championships during the span.

                “I have been thinking about it for a few years and decided now is a good time,” Stewart said of his departure. “The players, fans and coaching staff were great over the years, and I really enjoyed our postseason play. We had several good players of whom we are very proud. The players made us a team season after season.”

                During Stewart’s tenure from 2012 through 2018, nine players were recognized with all-state honors by the Indiana Soccer Coaches Association – Morgan Proffitt (first team) and Elizabeth James (second team) in 2012; Kenadie Carlson (first team) in 2013; Addy Lang (honorable mention) in 2014; Addy Lang (first team) and Natalie Teo (honorable mention) in 2016; Liz Tynan (third team) and Tanner Johnson (honorable mention) in 2017; and Jenna Lang (first team) in 2018.

                Stewart, a member of Indiana University’s men’s soccer national championship team in 1983, said he has no immediate plans to coach again. But he did not say he never would coach again. Stewart was the third coach in program history, following Todd Schuette (1993-1998) and Mike Spock (1999-2011).

                “I will enjoy the memories (of his time guiding the Columbus North team) and will continue to support the program,” he said.

                Columbus North is conducting a search to find its new head coach. Anyone interested in the position should contact Bull Dogs athletic director Jeff Hester.



Year: Overall     Postseason         CI Rec/Place       All-State players

2012: 8-8-3          Sect                       4-3-0/tie, 4th       Morgan Proffitt (first team), Elizabeth James (second team)

2013: 13-5-0        none                     5-0-0/1st               Kenadie Carlson (first team)

2014: 13-5-1        Sect                       4-1-0/1st               Addy Lang (honorable mention)

2015: 5-9-3          none                     2-3-0/4th               none

2016: 13-3-4        Sect, Reg             4-1-0/2nd              Addy Lang (first team), Natalie Teo (honorable mention)

2017: 14-4-2        Sect, Reg             4-2-1/3rd              Liz Tynan (third team), Tanner Johnson (honorable mention)

2018: 11-5-0        none                     4-1-0/2nd              Jenna Lang (first team)

Total: 77-39-13                                  CI: 27-11-0           4 first team, 1 second team, 1 third team, 3 HM

      Note – Seven years: four sectional and two regional titles. Also, two CI championships.

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